(Part 2 of 4)

2. Declutter your energetic inventory

The untrained mind depletes itself of so much energy needlessly.  The machine of fear-based thinking relentlessly grinds through anxieties, what-if’s, reliving the past, and trying to micromanage the future.  The mental fatigue caused by this only amplifies any feelings of overwhelm or helplessness. 

Mindfulness practices anchoring the mind in the safety and peace of the present are the best protection against these energetic leaks, but most of us haven’t built enough neurological wherewithal for this to be our only line of defense.  Which is why ultimately it’s much easier to clean house (literally and figuratively) every now and again so there aren’t as many mental and emotional demands to ward against.

Consider taking notes for an entire day (a week for the most diligent and committed).  Catalogue each stressful thought, feeling, and interaction, no matter how seemingly small or insignificant.
Cringing every time you open your inbox to find an onslaught of promotional emails?  Continually procrastinating a coffee date?  Loathing some to-do more than the others?  Annoyed by clothes in your closet that haven’t been worn in years?  Smacked with guilt every time you pass by a struggling houseplant?

Write these observations down without judgment.  When the list is compiled, go back through and indentify the underlying reasons each neutral stimulus is being experienced as stressful.  You’ll likely find that often it’s connected to some form of avoidance.  Ask yourself, what are you choosing to not face at the expense of these chronic debits to your energy?

Is it a fear of confronting limited beliefs about abundance (what if you NEED that t-shirt from 1998 someday); a fear of facing narratives about inadequacy (what would people think if you asked for help); a fear of setting boundaries (would everyone hate you if you admitted you didn’t want to _______)?

These persistent drains on your wellbeing are easier to ignore than the screaming stressors, but they add up and take a toll all the same.  Avoiding them, either because you minimize their impact or because you’re scared to resolve the underlying issue, isn’t serving you. 

By decluttering your mind of these “minor” annoyances, you reconnect to your empowerment and free your energetic reserves to tackle more inspired and fulfilling challenges