let go for maximum benefits

Let go of the fear of managing how everything will turn out ever-and particularly as a condition of ever even beginning. The gifts available in trusting life’s magic are always worth more than the temporary comforts of believing you’re in control.

you’re never less


How often do you tense up or cringe at the memory or anticipation of making a “mistake” or getting it “wrong”? That’s nothing more than your fear-based ego perpetuating the myth that your safety and worthiness lay exclusively within perfectionism.

Your soul knows better than that. Your authentic self understands that nothing meaningful is born, learned, adventured, grown or changed without taking risks, wandering outside the lines, and on occasion, making a gigantic mess.

There’s no value in feeding anxiety about the doom triggered by alleged shortcomings, missteps or failures. Saddle up to those fears—past, present or future—with a generous serving of curiosity instead.

Reflect on these stories not to shame or alienate yourself, but rather as a means to learn about yourself, others and life. Find inspiration, regardless of outcomes, to continually keep your ego in check and embolden your soul.

Be responsible for your choices and compassionate in your next steps, most importantly with and towards yourself.

You are forever and always, infinitely loved and worthy.

YOU are the light

The beasts you waste your life hiding from are only figments of your imagination.

You are the master and creator of who you get to be, how big you allow yourself to dream, what limits you decide to cater to, and what beliefs you do or do not shrink in front of. 

Any discomfort you must face to liberate yourself is worth your courage and determination a million times over.

The potential of your being is limitless and the sooner you face the things that feel unbearable and boldly walk through the dark jungles that haunt your mind, you’ll discover these fears are all simply illusions of your ego.  Your soul will laugh and heave a giant exhale at the relief and wonder of what truly is relative to what you used to believe.

with regrets

Dearest You, 

Stop falling for the invitation to be whatever someone else needs you to be.  

Be you.



time to shine: step 4

4. celebrate each baby step!

When you’ve done your due diligence with the first three steps to reclaiming empowerment in life, the final one is without a doubt the most underrated: celebrating!  As much stress and anxiety as you suffer in self-doubt and anticipation of doing something unknown, new or avoided, you’d think you’d allow yourself at least as much energy by way of relief, enthusiasm and celebration.

Yet, when was the last time you took real pause to acknowledge getting something crossed off the to do list?  How often in a week or month do you invite people to listen as witnesses and cheerleaders to crossing another threshold in the pursuit of your dreams?

Most of us hardly ever do.  Our productivity-driven brains tell us that’s silly, a waste of time, and maybe even selfish or too egocentric, so at nearly the same moment we get one thing done, our consciousness is redirected to focusing on the next with little to no fanfare in between.

 Yet think about when children learn something new—to walk, read, ride a bike— those endeavors are going to require courage and risk.  Mistakes and falls are going to happen, a lot of them in fact, so it’s intuitively understood that they need people to cheer them on at each and every turn.  “Hooray!” is cried when they start to stand up on their own, generous loving encouragement is heard when they fall down to ensure they have the nerve to get back up, and everyone near and dear is notified when the first steps are finally taken! It’s exhilarating to watch children grow and develop into each evolution of who they are, and the children who have people wholeheartedly witnessing and honoring all the chapters of life grow up to be some of the most loved and sincerely confident.

It’s not any different when we’re adults, except that now we are the ones responsible for keeping watch, for celebrating, and for letting those we trust know what next thing we’ve just had the nerve to try.  This practice of holding sacred space for our growth builds the confidence for taking risks, anchors us in our true power and potential, and replenishes vital energy stores for next steps… just the same as it does for children and puppies and probably plants and all other living things.