your real super power

You don’t get to choose all the things in life, but you and ONLY you get to decide if they will define or liberate you.

you’ve got this

It’s the assumption that some of the basic tenants of being human are WRONG, combined with running, avoidance, and distraction from these experiences that truly drives our suffering. 

What we resist or try to work around will only scream at us louder and push on our lives harder.  I know there are dark chapters that make this nearly impossible to believe, but there is nothing that you cannot face.  Your soul is infinitely powerful and loving.  It’s the fragile human ego that confuses you about your unyielding capacity for courage, grace and evolution.

When you find yourself holding your breath, stop to BREATHE.  Relax the body.  Ask yourself what it is you are resisting.  Trust yourself enough to move beyond what you believe your limits are.

We will never know true peace or fulfillment by hiding, waiting for “better” or “safer” circumstances, or holding out for more ideal versions of ourselves or lives to appear FIRST. 

Whatever is in front of you right now is going to show you the glory of who you really are.  It’s in consciously walking through the things you’re most scared to face that you’ll find the greatest liberation possible.  Know that through every step of it, you are surrounded by profound love.

with abandon

This is what holds us back.  This is what keeps us from growing and adventuring, trapping us in playing small: the instinctive feeling that we need to grasp tighter, hold back, bound ourselves up in limiting ideas and identities.  Our fear-based egos keep us terrified of investing ourselves and our energies in anything not “safe” or guaranteed to “work”, which means that more often than not we do virtually nothing new at all.

Yet, nature gives us the opposite teachings.  Nature consistently demonstrates that it’s only in spreading energy in all kinds of places, in all kinds of ways, with no attachment to any one seed in particular that energy and life is regenerated and growth actually can happen.

room to rewire

Your brain is a constant meaning maker.  It takes a stimulus and attaches to it the nearest narrative it can grab hold of.  The problem is that your brain’s fastest association with a feeling, urge or idea isn’t necessarily the most helpful or accurate.

For example, every so often I become exceptionally preoccupied with rescuing another animal.  This impulse usually comes when life is bursting at the seams, and so as much as I feel compelled to go to the animal shelter, I try to resist.  I’ve come to realize that this sense of urgency will pass with time but it wasn’t until this weekend that I realized why it happens in the first place.

When I feel the call to care-take during chapters of stress, it seems my brain most often interprets that urge as the desire to care-take for another.  The drive to act on love for others is a neurological pathway well developed over the course of my life, so my brain quickly links “care-take” with “another” and off to the shelter I am inclined to go.  However, when I stopped to reconsider what might more appropriately be motivating that feeling, I realized the urge to care-take when I feel depleted is meant to be a call to take care of MYSELF, not someone or something else.  Since consciousness about self-care hasn’t been practiced as often as other-care, my brain hadn’t been trained to make that interpretation as readily.

Even though loving and connecting with others is healthy and fulfilling, it was worth slowing down to realize that some of the energy I was eager to give away needed to be given to myself.

I see inaccurate associations between feelings and meaning every day in my practice, ultimately trapping people in old stories and patterns.  As a consciously growing and evolving person, you’re bound to have new ideas and experiences your brain doesn’t yet have the programming to interpret.  Vigilantly challenge narratives written that may no longer hold value.

the time is anytime

Over thinking “right” gridlocks our lives.  We sit paralyzed until the “right thing” can be done the “right way” at the “right time”.  Ugh.  And guess what, RIGHT never happens, because there isn’t such a thing.  There’s only doing or not doing.  Any interpretation of the doing is judgment, totally subjective to the individual perceiving it.

Let’s quit waiting for the stars to align and just get to starting already, whether that’s starting again, starting over, starting anew…

Think of a significant change or transition you made in your life a year or more ago.  Can you remember the weather that day?  How about the clothes you were wearing?  Any idea what your loved ones had on their calendars?

 In most cases, none of the details of the first day you started are particularly memorable, because the conditions didn’t matter nearly as much as the fact that you took a leap and began engaging with an adventure.

 Some of you may have noticed that I haven’t posted since February.  There’s several reasons for that, but the past few weeks the biggest hindrance was artificial pressure regarding this very issue… how to come back, how to re-engage… thankfully, often the answer is in the question, and so here I am, starting again writing and posting with nothing more than the honesty that the fear-based ego is a tricky bugger, and the only remedy is action in-spite of it.

Let’s stop using circumstances and perfectionism as excuses to not get vulnerable, live our passions, and create lives we are fulfilled living.  What are you ready to start today?