shine baby

There’s nothing gained in playing small, diminishing your light or diluting your energy.  You are on this earth to be the person only you can be, and your unique people and opportunities find their way to you most quickly and effectively when they can feel your authenticity beaming and calling out to theirs.  Today is the day for the truest you to live your most legendary life.

you’ve got this

It’s the assumption that some of the basic tenants of being human are WRONG, combined with running, avoidance, and distraction from these experiences that truly drives our suffering. 

What we resist or try to work around will only scream at us louder and push on our lives harder.  I know there are dark chapters that make this nearly impossible to believe, but there is nothing that you cannot face.  Your soul is infinitely powerful and loving.  It’s the fragile human ego that confuses you about your unyielding capacity for courage, grace and evolution.

When you find yourself holding your breath, stop to BREATHE.  Relax the body.  Ask yourself what it is you are resisting.  Trust yourself enough to move beyond what you believe your limits are.

We will never know true peace or fulfillment by hiding, waiting for “better” or “safer” circumstances, or holding out for more ideal versions of ourselves or lives to appear FIRST. 

Whatever is in front of you right now is going to show you the glory of who you really are.  It’s in consciously walking through the things you’re most scared to face that you’ll find the greatest liberation possible.  Know that through every step of it, you are surrounded by profound love.

with regrets

Dearest You, 

Stop falling for the invitation to be whatever someone else needs you to be.  

Be you.



better than normal

 “nor·mal/nôrməl/ : conforming to a standard; usual, typical, expected.” – Could there be a less inspiring sentiment? 

The true meaning of “normal” has no life or vigor and yet our fear-based egos desperately watch, measure and assess how who we are and what we are doing compares to everyone else.  It tries to hide the parts of us it fears deviate from the norm because we are too sensitive, messy, complicated, challenging… or not motivated, creative, humorous or successful enough.  In front of vulnerable truths ego would prefer to place shiny facades and carefully crafted PR blips. 

There are so many heartbreaking problems with this form of defense.  It keeps us terrified that we aren’t truly worthy or lovable because no one knows the REAL us.  It keeps us alienated from meaningful connection because no one can reach us behind all the cover up.  And perhaps most persistently problematic, it maintains the groupthink that there even is such a thing as “normal”, which perpetuates misunderstanding of what is honorable, honest, raw and meaningful about the human experience.

So I beg of us, if not for ourselves (though I want for that to be the greatest motivator), then for each other, let’s give up trying to be what we think we should be and start wholeheartedly being—simply being.  I am certain we will find greater peace, energy, love and fulfillment liberated from the chains of assumption about other people’s expectations of us.

time to shine: step 4

4. celebrate each baby step!

When you’ve done your due diligence with the first three steps to reclaiming empowerment in life, the final one is without a doubt the most underrated: celebrating!  As much stress and anxiety as you suffer in self-doubt and anticipation of doing something unknown, new or avoided, you’d think you’d allow yourself at least as much energy by way of relief, enthusiasm and celebration.

Yet, when was the last time you took real pause to acknowledge getting something crossed off the to do list?  How often in a week or month do you invite people to listen as witnesses and cheerleaders to crossing another threshold in the pursuit of your dreams?

Most of us hardly ever do.  Our productivity-driven brains tell us that’s silly, a waste of time, and maybe even selfish or too egocentric, so at nearly the same moment we get one thing done, our consciousness is redirected to focusing on the next with little to no fanfare in between.

 Yet think about when children learn something new—to walk, read, ride a bike— those endeavors are going to require courage and risk.  Mistakes and falls are going to happen, a lot of them in fact, so it’s intuitively understood that they need people to cheer them on at each and every turn.  “Hooray!” is cried when they start to stand up on their own, generous loving encouragement is heard when they fall down to ensure they have the nerve to get back up, and everyone near and dear is notified when the first steps are finally taken! It’s exhilarating to watch children grow and develop into each evolution of who they are, and the children who have people wholeheartedly witnessing and honoring all the chapters of life grow up to be some of the most loved and sincerely confident.

It’s not any different when we’re adults, except that now we are the ones responsible for keeping watch, for celebrating, and for letting those we trust know what next thing we’ve just had the nerve to try.  This practice of holding sacred space for our growth builds the confidence for taking risks, anchors us in our true power and potential, and replenishes vital energy stores for next steps… just the same as it does for children and puppies and probably plants and all other living things.