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How can coaching help you?

Working with individual and couples clients for months and years, I’ve had the privilege of witnessing the healing transformation that is possible through psychotherapy.  Once deep therapeutic restoration of loving connection to self is in place, people often grow past the need for psychotherapy to address clinically significant issues such as depression and anxiety.  This is when the work begins to shift from focusing so much on the past and its implications to the present, and starts to launch into a vision for the future.

While psychotherapy is oriented around diagnosing and healing psychological, emotional, and sometimes even physical pain, coaching is built around empowering you to take your relationship to yourself and your life to the next level.  Coaching is driven by the deep seeded voice inside of you calling for greater connection to yourself and your intuition.  Coaching untangles the confusion between messages from the outside world, limiting beliefs about yourself and your life that you’ve internalized, and the unshakable truth of your infinite capacity for love and self-actualization.

Coaching can be short or long-term in nature, depending on your goals and the way in which you envision coaching meeting your life’s needs. Services can be provided in person, over the phone, or over video conferencing, making it flexible and convenient to your schedule. 

A LIMITED NUMBER OF COACHING PACKAGES ARE AVAILABLE! If you’re ready for a brief interview to determine whether coaching is a healthy and powerful fit for you right now, or if you want to reserve your spot on a coaching waiting list for later in the year, please call the office or submit an online inquiry!

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I pursue psychotherapy or coaching?

This is easiest to discern in terms of when coaching is not appropriate. Coaching should not be used if you are experiencing clinically significant emotional pain or distress, including anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or self-harm thinking or behaviors. In circumstances similar to these, you need to be utilizing clinical services in-person that diagnose, treat, and potentially collaborate with other medical professionals on your team.

Coaching is intended for when you’ve already done deep healing through psychotherapy to treat any clinically significant emotional and psychological dynamics.


Is coaching expensive?

Coaching packages are discussed and paid for in advance, so you will always know what the cost is ahead of engaging in the work.  Coaching is an investement in yourself and your life and what is more, it requires a commitment of your time and energy.  However, you will continue to see returns on your investment long after the coaching process has ended.  If you are not operating at your most aligned and empowered, then nothing in your life can be either.  How much are you paying in terms of your energy, relationships, satisfaction, etc. by not investing in meeting the desires that keep calling to you.

How does coaching help?

Coaching facilitates clarifying your vision for your life. It works with you to identify blocks that are keeping you feeling stuck, unfulfilled and generally hungry for a life that feels more meaningful and aligned with your truth.

Coaching supports you in identifying and holding yourself accountable to meeting goals related to improving your connection to yourself, your intuition, your life and your relationships to others.

How long will I be in coaching?

That answer is unique to the individual and to the goals you want to meet.  Some people achieve their purpose in only a few sessions; others may be engaged in consistent coaching longer term or for periodic sessions at different times in their lives.

Coaching packages are paid for in advance of beginning work, so the end of each package period is an ideal time to reassess your goals, your progress in achieving them, and what future collaboration may be appropriate.

Do you accept insurance?

Coaching does not treat clinically significant issues, so it is not eligible for payment by insurance benefits.  Coaching however may be tax deductible if it’s utlized for professional or business related work goals.

Is coaching available in person or online?

Coaching sessions can take place in person in the Billings, Montana office or via telephone or video conferencing to provide both flexilibility and convenient accessibility depending on your needs and preferences.

How soon can I schedule an appointment?

A limited number of coaching packages are currently available.  If you’re ready for a brief telephone interview to determine whether coaching is a healthy and empowering fit for you, or if you’d like to reserve a spot for coaching later in the year, please call 406. 294.5044 or submit an online inquiry.

How do I get additional questions answered?

If you have any additional questions, please call the office at 406.294.5044 or submit an online inquiry.

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